Decades ago I was watching Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). TBN is a Christian Network that began with a dream to take Christian Television to every nation across the earth! One featured program that was aired on TBN was about Christians testifying to the assignment God had given them. After the program I asked God what was my assignment to help spread His Word from mountain top to mountain top? He replied t-shirts!

Wow...scripture t-shirts...spreading the Word of God is my passion and I don't even have to open my mouth and speak. I just have to print the word(s) on a garment and the words will speak for themselves!

With my naive beginnings and a couple of business partners later my journey was not easy. My vision was clear but some of my partner's visions were different from God's. You have to have the same vision, evenly yoked, and same agendas. I am about my Father's business and I love Him so very much!!  I love the assignment He gave me and until death do me apart I will fulfill my assignment!

With technology being so advanced and being able to cut out several "middle men" here Eye Amm!